Lash Lift Course 

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Lash Lift Course


1 day duration


Course Price £295 

Refreshments Provided


Introduction to Lash Lift

No matter how much mascara that is applied, sometimes lashes just need an extra boost. While extensions and falsies are always an option, they also require far more maintenance. Enter: the lash lift. Essentially it is a perm for your natural lashes. This relatively low-maintenance process lifts and curls lashes long-term. This treatment is great for those looking to shave a little time off of their morning routines or going on holiday and do not wish to wear mascara or false lashes.

History of Lash Lifting

Although the eyelash perm itself is relatively new, the idea of curling the lashes is something that's existed ever since the first eyelash curler was invented in the USA in the early 1920s.  Since then, thousands of mascara brands have developed special formulas designed to give straight eyelashes an upwards lift.

However, the problem with mascara is that it isn't actually magic, despite the fact that its applicator is called a 'wand'. It cannot really defy gravity. All curling mascara can really do is prolong the effects created by the eyelash curler itself. Curling mascara formula is usually extra thick and light-weight so that it can set quickly over manually curled eyelashes, holding the curve in in place - much like styling gel for the hair. Unfortunately, the effects of mascara are usually short lived. After a few hours it tends to lose its hold, which gradually causes the lashes to unfurl back into their natural position.

Eyelash curlers too have their disadvantages. If too much pressure is applied for too long on the wrong part of the lash, a strange-looking kink can appear, which gives away the fact that they've been manually curled. In addition to this, the repetitive application of pressure to the lashes can weaken them and lead to eventual damage and even breakage.

The eyelash perm was undoubtedly inspired by the much earlier creation of the hair perm (invented in the 1870s). The hair perm solution used today contains the active ingredient ammonium thioglycolate, which works by breaking down the hair's protein bonds to permanently alter the structure of each strand. During this broken-down, receptive state, rollers are used to reshape the hair permanently into curls, waves or ringlets.

The same chemicals and processes used in the hair perm are used today for the eyelash perm, although extra precautions are taken to protect the skin around the eyes from contact with the perming solution.

Therefore, the eyelash perm filled the gap in the market for a low-maintenance eyelash curling treatment that lasted for long periods of time without causing too much damage to the eyelashes themselves.

Why will introducing lash lifts to my clients benefit me?

-Product cost is low so great profit margins

-Its a great alternative for your clients that are unable to wear false lashes 

-Treatment is suitable for a range of clientele meaning it will widen your custom


What I will learn

-How lash lifts work

-Health and safety 

-In-depth Anatomy and physiology 

-Treatment areas

-Client suitability 

-Equipment use

-Stock list


-Consent forms

-Pricing structures

-Treatment plan


What practical skills I will gain

-Client consultation

-Managing expectations

-Treatment techniques

-Live Models

-On going support

-Access to our private facebook support group