Ear Piercing Course 

West Midlands

Zoom Theory Training Available £47.50

Remaining to be paid prior to practical session

Flawless Luxe Beauty & Aesthetics Training Academy - Ear Piercing Course


1/2  Day Duration

Course Price £95.00 

Introduction to Ear Piercing 

Ear piercing: The practice of using a needle gun to make holes through the ear lobe or other parts of the ear so that jewellery can be worn. This is extremely popular for both men, women & children and is a treatment that costs very little to perform.

Why will introducing ear piercing to my clients benefit me

  • Low product cost

  • Minimal Treatment Time

  • Extremely popular treatment 


What I will learn on the course 

-How Advanced Electrolysis works

-Health and safety 

-Treatment areas

-Client suitability 

-Equipment use

-Anatomy and physiology 

-Council Licensing

-Stock list


-Consent forms

-Pricing structures

-Treatment plan


What practical skills will I gain

-Client consultation

-Managing expectations

-Treatment techniques on live models

-One to one training available