High Frequency Course
West Midlands

Flawless Luxe Beauty & Aesthetics Training Academy -  High Frequency Course 1 Day Duration

Course price £495 - Device Included

Introduction to High Frequency

High frequency is an electrical currant which moves forwards and backwards at a very high speed, it is termed as an alternating current (AC) or oscillating current. As the current moves forwards and backwards it creates high frequency vibrations averaging between 10 000 and 25 000 vibrations per second. The current generates warmth in the skin and stimulates the nerve endings leading to increased blood circulation. Healthy cell function and skin healing is promoted due to the metabolism in the area being increased.

Treatment Benefits

  • Reduces dullness of the skin by boosting blood circulation and oxygen

  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Detoxifies the skin

  • Helps treat and prevent acne break outs

  • Evens out the skin tone

  • Improves overall complexion


What I will learn on the course 

-How High Frequency works

-Health & safety 

-Treatment areas

-Client suitability 

-Equipment use

-Anatomy and physiology 

-Stock list


-Consent forms

-Pricing structures

-Treatment plan


What practical skills will I learn

-Client consultation

-Managing expectations

-Treatment techniques