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Flawless Luxe Beauty & Aesthetics Training Academy  Master Hair Loss Course 4 1/2 Day Duration
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Master Hair Loss Course

Flawless Luxe Beauty, Aesthetics & Hair Loss Training Academy 

Master Hair Loss Course 4 1/2 Day Duration

Course price £8995 - Kit Included


This course is ideal for our students looking to open their own hair loss clinic or wanting to specialise in this field.

Generally you can charge up to £2500 for one SMP client and £1500 for a course of LLLT so your course fees could be paid back with just a few clients! 


Refreshments Provided

Whats Included 

-One to one training available upon request


-Live models

-On going support

-Recommended suppliers

-Access to our private facebook support group

-Business set up

-Marketing guidance

Introduction to Hair Loss Solutions

Two-thirds of all men will eventually be affected by male pattern baldness — in the UK, this means that 7.4 million men are losing their hair at any one time and around 1 in 5 women in the UK aged over 25 are currently experiencing hair loss or thinning. This makes this industry one of the largest markets and the treatment options are continuously expanding. Not every client is either suitable / wants to commit to having a surgical option such as a hair transplant so it is important that you can offer as many non-surgical options as possible.

Throughout this course you will learn Scalp Micropigmentation, PRP Hair Rejuvenation, Micro-needling & LLLT.

Treatment Information 

Scalp Micropigmentation - The SMP hair loss treatment provides a solution for men and women suffering from general hair loss, various forms of alopecia or with scalp scars including those as a result of hair transplant surgery. It is a highly detailed process that creates an incredibly natural looking simulation of micro hairs. Our sophisticated scalp application is administered to the head, usually over 3-5 sessions to create what many are now calling the ultimate modern solution for hair loss.

Of the solutions available, few are as immediate, permanent, realistic, hassle-free, non-invasive and cost-effective as the SMP technique.

Hair Replacement Systems - Hair Replacement Systems are suitable for both men and women. You can provide your clients with an instant full head of hair. Unlike conventional wigs, hair replacement systems use the highest quality human hair which is expertly matched in colour and density to your natural hair.

Each system is customised to the individual’s style requirements and constructed to appear as if hair is developing directly from your scalp making it undetectable.

Vitamin D & Biotin IM Injections / IV Drips - A superior way of administering both vitamins directly into the blood stream providing brilliant health benefits including the stimulation of hair regrowth 

Phlebotomy & Hair Rejuvenation - PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a leading non-surgical hair loss treatment for both men and women. It is an innovative hair loss treatment that requires no surgery but can help stimulate hair growth.

It requires taking a small blood sample which is then harvested using the latest, most advanced technology and then the plasma - known as “liquid gold” is then injected back into your scalp where the hair is thinning.

Medical Needling - Medical needling is a procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin via either a Dermaroller or skin needling pen. Either stimulate cell turnover and improve the scalp circulation, which provides a healthier environment for robust hair growth.

LLLT - Variable low level “cold” laser light treatment is recommended for clients that have just started to experience hair loss (within the first 6 years). Laser growth treatment can produce fantastic results by stimulating hair re-growth and thickening the hair shaft. The clinical laser uses pulsed wave LLLT to safely stimulate hair follicles by increasing the blood circulation giving it more nutrients and stabilising hair loss.

Why will offering Hair Loss Solutions to my clients benefit me 

-Great profit margins

-A fantastic range of hair loss services that produces great results for your clients

-Encourages repeat custom as all of the services listed above are recommended as courses of treatments.


What I will learn on the course 

-How SMP Works

-How Hair Replacement Systems Work

-How Phlebotomy & PRP Works

-How Vitamin D & Biotin IV Drips Work

-How Medical Needling Works

-How LLLT Works

-In-depth Anatomy and physiology 

-The Difference in Hair Transplants FUE FUT

-Health & Safety 

-Client Suitability 

-Equipment Use

-Aftercare Devices

-Stock List & Recommend Wholesalers

-Consent Forms

-Pricing Structures

-Treatment Plan

-Home Care Products 

-Product Knowledge Including Minoxidil 


What practical skills will I learn

-Client consultation

-Hygiene & sharps disposal

-Managing expectations

-Treatment techniques 

-Scar camouflage 

Your Kit to start your new business venture includes:


Test tubes 




Medical skin needling pen 

Scalp Micropigmentation machine 

Hair system 

Medical adhesive / tape 

Adhesive solvent 

Surgical Head

Medical Arm


Achievment Of Course
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