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Dermal Filler Complications Online Course

Dermal Filler Complications Online Course


When performing any Dermal Filler Treatments it is extremely important to know all of the complications that can occur and the actions you need to take as an aesthetic practitioner. Throughout this course that is fully accredited by the CPD of excellence you will gain this knowledge so you can be a safe practising Dermal Filler Injector.


Throughout this course we will cover the following:

  • Module 1: Emergency Kit Contents
  • Module 2: What is Hyaluronidase
  • Module 3: Recognising Anaphylaxis
  • Module 4: Auto Injectors
  • Module 5: Pro’s & Cons of Dermal Filler
  • Module 6: Haematoma
  • Module 7: Vascular Occlusion
  • Module 8: Dermal Filler Blindness
  • Module 9: Necrosis
  • Module 10: Infections
  • Module 11: Nodules & Lumps
  • Module 12: Tyndall Effect 
  • Module 13: Anatomy & Physiology - Danger Zones


Final Exam 85% Pass Rate Required and 1 Assignment 

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