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Salt & Saline Removal Course

Flawless Luxe Beauty, Aesthetics & Hair Loss Training Academy 

Salt & Saline Removal Course


1/2 day duration practical classroom training £295



Introduction to Salt & Saline Removal

Our Salt and Saline Course is taught by our team of advanced, skilled practitioners. The course has been specifically designed to ensure that all of our students leave with the specialists skills & techniques in order to gain the best possible results and enabling them to join a very lucrative and growing market. 

Salt and Saline is as a solution that, along with the correct removal method is a simple and safe method of tattoo removal. It is commonly used on semi-permanent makeup procedures that are no longer desired, but can be used on body tattoos also. The main ingredient used Sodium Chloride (Salt). When the sterile salt solution is implanted into the unwanted tattoo ink via specialised tattooing techniques, the osmotic process is induced which successfully attracts the fragmented ink particles, thus drawing them out of the skin.

This method is highly effective and commonly used within the initial stages of permanent cosmetics correctional work to lighten ill-placed, badly shaped, discoloured cosmetic enhancements.

Throughout the course we will ensure you will be given plenty of practical experience. Here at the academy we do not believe in students having to share models so you will work on your own individual live models ensuring you are ready to start your own clients immediately after you have completed your training.

We are committed to the highest standards of non-surgical cosmetic injectable training in-line with the latest regulations & guidelines so you can be rest assured that you are choosing the one of the best UK training providers.


This course is suitable for both Micropigmentation and Microblading Technicians..



1. Suitable for all skin types
2. Incurs minimal scarring
3. Most natural method
4. A salt and saline solution is not colour selective and is equally effective upon all ink colours
5. Suitable for old and new permanent cosmetics and tattoos
6. Hair growth is not affected within the treated area

Whats Included 

-Emergency protocols

-First aid

-Live models 

-One to one training available upon request (at no extra cost)-Business set up advice

-Marketing guidance 

-One to one training available upon request

-Recommended suppliers

-Access to our private facebook support group

-Refreshments provided

-Payl8r finance if required


What I will learn on the course 

-Background of salt & saline removal

-Legislation and requirements for the practice of tattooing

-Treatment room requirements

-In-depth anatomy and physiology 

-Hygiene, health and safety workshop

-Risk assessment structure

-Skin healing

-Skin tone

-Consultations, contraindications and informed consent

-Skin preparation

-Skin conditions

-Printable medical health forms

-Equipment checklist

-Procedure breakdown

-What can the client expect during and after the procedure?

-Machine and needle usage / blade usage

-Step by step guide



Students at work

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