Scalp Micropigmentation Course

West Midlands

Zoom Theory Training Available £1250.00

Remaining to be paid prior to practical session

Flawless Luxe Beauty & Aesthetics Training Academy - Scalp Micropigmentation 2/3 Day Duration

Course price £2500 

Please note in regards to training course fees, if there is more than one member of staff there will be additional discounts available 

For Qualified Microblading, PMU & Tattoo artists the course duration can be reduced to 2 days if required, for all other professionals the course will run over a 3 day duration. 


Refreshments Provided

Introduction to Scalp Micropigmentation

The SMP hair loss treatment provides a solution for men and women suffering from general hair loss, various forms of alopecia or with scalp scars including those as a result of hair transplant surgery. It is a highly detailed process that creates an incredibly natural looking simulation of micro hairs. Our sophisticated scalp application is administered to the head, usually over 3-5 sessions to create what many are now calling the ultimate modern solution for hair loss.

Of the solutions available, few are as immediate, permanent, realistic, hassle-free, non-invasive and cost-effective as the SMP technique.

History of Scalp Micropigmentation

Tattooing the skin has been around for thousands of years. The earliest discovery of this being on a mummified ice man named Otzi dating between 3370 BC and 3100 BC. Thankfully, things have come a long way since then in terms of results and hygiene standards. Scalp Micropigmentation is much more recent and we are now seeing results that cannot be differentiated between the treatment and an actual hair follicle. Such are the ultra-realistic results!

Why will offering SMP to my client benefit me 

-Great profit margins

-A fantastic hair loss service that produces great results 

-Happy customers


What I will learn on the course 

-How SMP works

-Health & safety 

-Treatment areas

-How SMP works in comparison to tattooing

-Hair Loss Conditions

-Female Pattern Hair Loss

-Male Pattern Hair Loss

-Client suitability 

-Equipment use

-Anatomy and physiology 

-Stock list


-Consent forms

-Pricing structures

-Treatment plan


What practical skills will I learn

-Client consultation

-Hygiene & sharps disposal

-Managing expectations

-Treatment techniques including mapping, hairlines, side profiles, follicle replication, colour matching, blending colour, pigment build up, dilution of pigments & pressure of device.


Difference between SMP & Tattooing 


Different needle techniques are used to prevent the implantation losing its shape in order to create the perfect simulation of a hair follicle 



Patented Specialised pigments are used to avoid any colour changes which can potentially endanger the clients into what’s known as “the smurf look” which can have a negative impact on the clients overall treatment satisfaction & confidence 

There is very little treatment cost involved resulting in a huge increase to your annual turnover, course fees can be made back within just one client with SMP.